52 in 52 – Design Eighteen Completed

Posted: May 24, 2010 in 52 in 52 for 2010
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This design produces a really nice indirect lighting effect, delivering 30Fc on a wide area. I used White Optics reflective material (98% diffuse and 97% reflective) over an 800lm Bridgelux array, which includes a 32 degree Ledil reflector. The main body tube acts as a heat sink, as does the mid section vent and LED heat spreader. At the base is the driver, and an integral dimmer control. There is also a thin wall baffle inside the upper section above the reflector, added after discovering a little glare issue.

The design has a sort of rocket ship look to it. Originally the main body was to be powder coated white, but after brushing it to prepare it for paint, it just looked right, so I put it together sans paint (although I diod spritz the bare aluminum with clear to keep it looking its best.

The structure is total overkill. But I like the combination of curved against angled sections, including lightening holes for effect.

I was surprised at how well the white optic panel works, producing excellent light output over a very wide area with no undesirable brightness. I was also surprised that some light actually passes through it, allowing the upper panel to have some delineation besides just shadowed.


  1. Joe Zhang says:

    I have used very similar product which is general lighting, the problem associated with this product is that dust will deposit on the surface of light after several month, so light output will reduce significantly.

    It is a great product. I like it.

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