I call this one the Unicyclist. The balance beam arm and center open wheel remind me of days long ago when uni-cycling was one of my passions. Even after decades since riding regularly, I can still get on one and ride away. Takes a little to get the trick moves back, but they are still there.

In any case, the body of this task lighter is ABS plastic, and houses all of the electronics. The arm is aluminum, thermally bonded to the solid machined copper head with wind-wave fabrication that extends the surface area. The LED is a Bridgelux 800lm array in 4100K for a change. This deliver over 140Fc on the task when at full on. There is a dimmer control integrated in the base as well.

With Lightfair eating next week, I wanted to get this off the bench before I got on the plane. Just made it. Design eighteen is already started, just missing some parts to make it work properly.

  1. Lighting Gal says:

    I enjoyed your photos, your blog, and your creativity. This is the most obscure, gnarly, yet outstanding lighting monument piece ever. Not only is it cool looking, I am sure it completes its fundamental purpose! Thanks for sharing.

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