The Picture Light

Picture lights have been a tool of lighting designers forever. The issue is, most picture lights do a poor job of controlling the visibility of the light source, while all of them are awful at controlling light reflected from specular glass used in framing of art and photos.  This is a complex issue, that requires some very careful considerations of viewing angles, which means there is no uniform one-size-fits-all solution. The picture light here attempts to resolve all of these issues, while being a decorative element in a contemporary design space.

This design utilized LynkLabs Snap Bright 12VAC LEDs with a reflector heat sink combination. The front shield cuts light off at the bottom of the frame, blocks visibility of the light source from the observer side at all angles, and is designed to eliminate the visibility of the light source in the specular clear glass used to frame the art.

The lights clip onto the frame itself, while the wiring is concealed in the bracketry. The ribbed face plate has no real function, other than add a texture. On frames, the intent was to produce a sort of clip-board appearance. The art in this case are real Miro and Picasso certified prints in frames using UV filtering glass.

The  images below show several views of the lights in use, and details of the design front and back.

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