With a short break between shows and travel, it was nice to get back into the shop and make something of my own again. Designs 14, 15 and 16have all been in various phases of completion. What you see here is D14, which came first to meet the deadline for Lightfair.

This design was commissioned for the Molex Lightfair 2010 display for the main entry desk. It bolts through the table top via a 1 1/2″ dia. hole. The 1A driver is located in the base, where the conical knob controls dimming. At the head, the m1200lm Helieon module is recessed into a machined housing/heat spreader, which includes thermal vias that allows air to pass by the module through the machined head, and lout the top cap. The head machining and support arms are thermally bonded to the vertical wings, so it all gets into the thermal control act. As a result the module and head run comfortably at 55C. The module is trimmed with a gray cover which holds a prismatic diffuser to fill the glass cone with light.

Drop by the Molex display and take a look. Not just at this light, but at the Helieon module. It’s all a neat bit of kit, and something I’ve enjoyed participating in the development of.

For more on the module inside visit the Helieon web site. This is the shape of things to come in sustainable LED components.

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