52 in 52 – Weeks Fourteen and Fifteen

Posted: April 16, 2010 in 52 in 52 for 2010
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The period from April 15 through May 15 is nuts. First was Light+Build in Frankfurt which consumes a week in travel and catch up. Then  there is the impending Lightfair, which brings with it customers needing last minute help preparing for the show. This year I am making 45 fixtures for the Molex display for Lightfair – 28 accent lights, 6 downlights, 6 pendants, 4 sconces, and a task lamp). These are designed as stylized products with the emphasis on showing the modules inside, rather that completely finished luminaires. The Helieon is a really nice piece. These may be the very first products ever to have them integrated, and it only took a day of design and a couple weeks production to complete them. For anyone attending the show, stop by the Molex display. There will also be a couple of these in the Bridgelux display in a different color configuration.

I have the major components for D15 (16?) is completed, the electronics installed. There are just a few things to finish up to make this a done project. All that’s needed are some small machined parts and a heat sink and a quick powder coat pass.

D15 is coming. I just need to free up some time to put it on its way.

D16 is going to be something truly new. How about an LED product that will last forever, has no heat sinks, is fully automated, will work off grid – all wrapped up in a unique architectural style? Yes, I have found a formula to attain all of these goals, and will demonstrate it soon. It will include a video if it in action, proving the concept fully, removing all doubt as to its capacity to meet these goals.

As you can see, there will be 52 products for the year, no doubt about that. It’s just that during a couple of periods along the way, time demands a shift in deployment of products outside the one-per week envelope.

Stay tuned, and allow me this small break in the schedule. It is a temporary disruption of schedule alone and nothing more…

Meanwhile, visiting Light+Build was interesting as usual. I would have to say that my favorite display of all has always been Ingo Maurer. He has been an inspiration to me since the first time I saw his products in the early 1980’s. This year in the Maurer display were several new LED products and the old favorite Birdies Nest. In the center of the display was a “Task Light” robotic gadget that moved every few minutes as it was programmed to do. Very cool.

More is on the way!

No this is not mine. This is Birdies Nest by Ingo Maurer - One of my all time favorites along with many others by this artist and designer

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