This weeks design is intended to evoke the impression of a flame, or an accent candle, with a sci-fi twist. The base includes a dimmer. A radial heat sink under a Seoul P4 3000K LED gets the light and heat out. The ABS body reflects and captures light softly.

Overall height is only 8″ with a diameter of around 4″, this is a small accent source. However, with a 700mA driver, the LED emits around 100 lumens, which is roughly equal to 100 candles of old school burning wick type. The power supply is a small wall wart unit, which one might find powering a Panasonic phone system.

  1. Wow, Kevin, your sci-fi light is simply beautiful! What a cool design.

  2. Pat says:

    I would LOVE to have one of these, but my wife made me pretty much hide all of my sci-fi stuff. Really does look like it could have been a lighting prop in the original Star Trek TV show.

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