This weeks project is a little different and slimmed down. Each of the six tiers contains a Seoul Semiconductor P4 LED, all driven at 700mA with integral dimmer. the vertical array provides a nice pool of light with no visible brightness, while the top of each disc below the sources acts to produce a little indirect light.

Also included this week is my first attempt at making video in the process of building the product. If you have 4 minutes, take a look. I learned a lot from the process, so next attempts will improve as we go.

In the video you’ll see that each part takes several steps, from blanking to finished shape, then for multiple parts it has to be repeated several times. I enjoy the time spent in the shop, as its productive and is done quietly (other than the machine noise). Gives one time to think about what’s next, both on the project in process and the future of things in general.

Next week we should have a new capability on hand, which will change the shape of things to come. Stay tuned!

  1. Lee Kirby says:

    Hi Kevin:
    I really like this one! It’s clean, crisp and classy. I also like the video – you might might consider a little audio narration along with it, describing what you’re doing. I can see now why you like lathe work so much!

  2. This is so cool. I have no idea how you come up with your designs, but the video helps me visualize how you make them a reality! Thanks for sharing this insight into your process.

  3. Pat says:

    Love the addition of the video. Really helps me better understand your process. Thanks!

  4. Dovie Green says:

    Well done Kevin. Even though I don’t understand most of it I think it looks so cool and I like your designs alot.

  5. Lau Vlad says:

    Great project! I love your idea!

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