Better a little late than never for Week Nine Business had me running elsewhere, so there was little shop time to be had, but its done now at last. This is a monster compared to most of the others. First, its heavy, as the thinnest metal used in the thing is 1/4″ wall solid aluminum. The glass is even 3/16″ thick, clear on one side and frosted on the back. It has a very architectural look and feel, and mass to it. Would look great in a corporate lobby or as a hotel desk accent.

The light source is a Philips Fortimo remote phosphor light module rated at 1100 lumens. The structure is 35″ tall and is 8″ square at the base. Gray wrinkle powder and a special textured finish on the aluminum vertical bars adds some sparkle, while the white reflective rings provide diffusion.

One of the issues I faced on this one is the massive scale of the light module and its related power supply. There is just no way to put these into a small product. This was obviously not the design intent for this light source, but it does produce a nice color at 3000K and 80CRI.

Now on to something a bit more sexy for Week Ten, perhaps something in Ferrari Red.. Oh yeah, bought a neat little camera for making  You Tube movies, so will make an attempt to capture some action to be included on future design projects.

  1. Philips OEM says:

    Go to to find out more about the light source in it, the Fortimo LED DLM.

    have a nice day

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