This week is going to be my first shot at putting the Philips Fortimo light module into a portable product. The design will incorporate the 1100 lumen module at 3000k. The design itself is going to be industro-architectural, with a combination of thick glass panels with exposed edges, textured gray powder coat, white, and hand finished satin aluminum. It’s going to be around 36″ tall and will be heavy, since the glass and metal work are robust, and the scale of the unit is rather on the large side.

To manage heat, I’m incorporating the usual tie to the aluminum structure, as well as a supplemental heat sink in the base.

This should be a great uplight/ambient contributor, as well as a significant presence. Could easily be scale up to a floor lamp model using the 2000 lumen light source – might have to try that later in the year.

03/07/10 – Sunday night update. Have all of the parts made – which has been interesting, since most of them are at the limit of what my machines can handle – and have everything finished and ready for assembly. Problem is, it’s 8:00PM Sunday night and I need to stop to get ready for a road trip Monday and Tuesday. The finished Week Nine project will be done Wednesday, leaving me to jump right into Week Ten over the weekend to get back on track. It’s no problem, just a stretch of available time. I think this weeks effort is going to be interesting, it’s massive and minimalist, yet has a very nice edge to it. so far so good. Also, ordered a camera to film some of the action here to post in future updates and to produce some LED/SSL lessons as well.

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