I am particularly happy with the way this retrofit and upgrade turned out. It was fun going through a fixture I had made over 17 years ago, revisiting how I made things back then. This fixture is primarily brass and copper, soldered together to make the structures and shapes. This took a lot of filing to smooth corners and requires some patience, as heating metal to make solder joints often causes others to soften and fail, or melt out altogether. This design was also made without a drawing originally, not even a sketch, as is the case in a lot of one-off work I have done over the years.

The upgrade here blends the old with the new. I machined a new lighted section, which acts as heat sink/detail intended to look like a power source. The Two LEDs inside are Bridgelux 400lm arrays, and the 700mA driver is contained in the lower housing, along with a dimmer control.

Originally, this fixture utilized a 50W T2 halogen lamp in a somewhat poor performing and glaring reflector housing. The upgrade removed the old magnetic transformer, and uses less than 14 watts now, a reduction on consumption of 72%, while improving the amount of light generated and reducing unwanted glare.

The glass on this are wing windows from a Porsche 914, sand etched. I once thought these would need some form of support to endure, but find that this was unnecessary, so eliminated it.

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