52 in 52 – Week Eight Project Brief

Posted: February 23, 2010 in 52 in 52 for 2010
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Okay, so I am going to make an exception to one of my a rules this week. I promised to produce all new designs each week, and intend that all of the designs be unique (okay, so its at least that). The problem is, this is a fixture I built in 1992 that I like a great deal and have intended to convert to proper SSL illumination as well as update some of its sagging wire structure and detailing. With the 52 in 52 work drawing so much time and focus, I find myself looking sadly at this old favorite, realizing that the only way I am going to get this done is to roll it into the progression. So, you’ll just have to overlook this one transgression from the program. Believe me, this is not from a lack of ideas for coming weeks work – it’s a matter of time availability and watching an old friend (this lamp) looking more and more dated as the new SSL products stand next to it. It once represented one of my most favorite works, but now looks like a sad relic. That just ain’t right!

The effort will include refining detailing of the support section for the glass wings (wing windows from an old Porsche project I had going many moons ago) and replacement of the old buzzy-buzz magnetic 12vac transformer and halogen to LED retrofit lamp (inadequate junk). I also intend to dump the wimpy cable system. The reflector is being completely remade, as it has never worked, except to make glare – even when it was lighted with 50W Halogen. There is plenty of room in this for power supply and driver, so the technical aspects of the project are fairly straight forward. The rebuild should be a significant improvement in performance and appearance.

Week nine will be something all new and the world can begin spinning properly once again. I just need  to get this one out of my head, so I can sleep at night knowing an old pal has been treated right.

Stay tuned!

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