52 in 52 – Week Seven Complete

Posted: February 22, 2010 in 52 in 52 for 2010
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This week found me on the road for 4 of the seven days, so in the interest of time I decided to put some interesting parts I had in the shop to work. I call this one a technorganic design, as it intentionally jams together high tech with organic visuals. In this case a stand of flowers or plants, rendered using five Tyco heat sinks, some acrylic rods, and a molten lead and brass ball base. The stems sprout from ball “bulbs” at the base, and support what are not so far off Orchid like flowers, with their lighted extensions. The sixth “bulb” at the base houses the driver and a dimmer control. The end product is candle like and produces a fair amount of ambient light for lighting up a corner, or just adding some sense of space. LEDs this round are Seoul Semiconductor P4s, driven at 700mA.

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