52 in 52 – Week Six Complete

Posted: February 15, 2010 in 52 in 52 for 2010
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Another busy week, but still managed to finish the project over the weekend. This is a design I will likely revisit in the future, as it’s something I’ve though about and struggled to bring to life for several years. In any case, this particular iteration follows a design vocabulary that is decidedly not industrial design. Rather, this is inspired by Air Force design, where engineering performance interests are priority, yet, aircraft, by their nature, have a flow and style to them, even if their is no intent to produce that end result. I combined this with my own interest in retro hot rods in this case. The satin fine sanded finish that exposes the edges of the metal through the paint add delineation of the form, and look as though worn from the wing shaped bodies movement through the air.

The body is high conductivity copper, acting as the form and heat sink. (2) Bridgelux 420lm LEDs with Luxrdive 700mA driver and integral 120VAC to DC power converter make this a robust package. The light level below the head is over 125Fc, making this an excellent task light. Full range dimming and an on-off swicth in brushed aluminum to match the base leg round out the design. Approx. 17″H, 26″D, 7″W.

  1. Pat says:

    Every week I get a new favorite.

    You’re starting to make me feel bad about what I can get accomplished within my week :).

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