02/05/2010 – Week five included a week in North Carolina for the DOE conference on SSL. That does not mean that there will be no product. I have something in the works now. This week is going to resolve a problem I have at home – the need for a good reading light in our media room. The side tables are too small for anything large, so these are going to be thin and clamp on to the edge of a glass top. Need to make two of them as well. To fit in the space, and incorporate my wife’s interest in woodworking, I am including wood in this design. Rather that preview this, I decided I’m just going to put my head down and get them made, and spring them on those following this series.

02/08/2010 – Well here it is. We made a pair of these for our entertainment room, where the side tables were just too small for anything bulky, and reading tasks required good lighting. The body/stem is Tulip-wood with a wax finish made by my wife, who enjoys pen making as a hobby. For this reason, we have begun calling these our pen-lights.

Specifications: Fixture is 2″W, x 19″T, x 9″D. Utilizes Lynk Labs 12VAC Tesla LEDs on 7″ 6W SnapBrite strip with SnapDriver power supply. The reflector/heat sink extrusion was also provided by Lynk Labs. Clamp detail can accommodate tables up to 3/4″.

  1. […] himself the challenge of coming up with a new working prototype solid-state luminaire every week. Week five’s project is a clamp-on table lamp made with turned tulip-wood that looks great.Kevin works with Luminique […]

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