A Renewed Focus

Posted: November 10, 2009 in General Commentary

As I move most of my application content to SSL Interactive I struggled to find the time and purpose for this blog entity. Then, it came to me – do what I intended to do all along. Share personal projects, provide projects with instructions for others to try for themselves, and let the pundit clowns who are spoiling the SSL universe have it with both barrels.

I have come to a point where I am simply sickened by the bull that this industry attracts. In a free market system there is no way for a governmental agency to clean this up, so the only real recourse is for those who seethe crap to expose and pound on those who spew it with a hammer. So, let’s get ready to rumble. It’s not only time we clean up the environment, it’s time we clean up the environmentalists, the SSL clowns, and the marketing shills and scam artists!

  1. SSLPro says:

    Right on the money – this should be posted in every Electrical supply or
    Lighting suppliers main sales area , the jist of this for SSL mfgs: innovate and improve.
    There are so many wanna be firms with their weak Ip portfolio, polluting our pond.
    The impending “F” rating should be a help for those of us, who advocate quality SSL.
    We need to be Vocal , Informed & Persistant as well as Persausive!
    For consumers; THEY need to learn to discern what constitutes a quality Led product
    Its my belief having informed consumers who are educated will accelerate to shift
    towards SSL with much better performance and more features for the money!
    Of couse examples such as 10″ epitaxial wafers, better optics and more
    products using AC/Leds are the types of developements that are advancing the industry as well . The time is now for raising the “quality” bar for SSL products!

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