Molex Electronics Launches 120VAC LED Modules

Posted: July 3, 2009 in Reviewed - Good Performers

Using the Acriche 120VA LED and proprietary reflector/heat sink integration, Moles has developed a very nice pair of modules for installation in simple lighting products. Lumenique, LLC provided consulting services to the company for design definition and market strategy, so it’s difficult to be completely objective on this. However, after having a couple prototypes to play with, and being part of the team, I can say these modules definitely have a place in the market. With excellent optical efficiency (82% for the reflector unit), 900 center beam candella for the 15 degree spot, performance is very good for 4.5 watts. These modules plug directly into GU25 sockets, and require no drivers or power supplies. The is a great opportunity for manufacturers who don’t want to mess with all the electronics, optics, and thermal engineering, and are ideal for retrofitting into existing incandescent or fluorescent products.

Visit the Molex site for complete details, and the exclusive distribution agreement with Leviton to bring these products to market! Molex SSL Site

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