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Posted: December 4, 2008 in General SSL Commentary
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This is a great quick-reference product identification label concept.

This is a great quick-reference product identification label concept - it would be even better with but 4 more items added.

The Lighting Facts web site, sponsored by the DOE is an outstanding addition to the tools needed to address product characteristics for lighting customers. On the site, there is a pledge for those interested to become SSL Quality Advocates. This is a good start, as is the sites lisitng of manufacturers and partners.

On the site is a product label concept that does a nice job of putting some of the information needed in graphic, easy to read form.

There should be four more items added to the label to provide an even clearer picture of the product represented:

Product Service Life in hours to 70% (commercial intent) or 50% (residential intent) of full light output.

Indoor or Outdoor Service (or both) Stated especially for retrofit products intended to be installed in existing luminaires.

Dimming must be stated, and either stated as non-dimming, or shown with a reference to the type of dimmer can be used. Not all SSL products are or will be dimmable. This can be a serious issue that leads to premature product failures, and dimmer failures. If there is more to this, then the label should reference manufacturers data for details.

Enclosed Location must be stated. Not all products can be used in enclosed housings, or in insulated ceilings. This must be made apparent in any product identification effort.

The next step is to educate customers to the label content and what it means to them. This includes a simple explanation of LM-79, since most will never read or want to understand the entire standard. There also needs to be education on what CRI numbers mean and how they compare between different colors, and what lumens-per-watt means and why the higher the number the better, etc..

In the food industry, where labels like this are already working, there is a lot of information being shared with the public on the factors of fat, sugars, calories, etc.. We will need a similar communications backing this, even if its just a poster program for stores, a web site for specifiers, and articles in design magazines. Otherwise, the label and its message will not be meaningful, except for a few know-it-alls who nobady listens to anyway.

I’d like to see manufacturers include this on thier product cut sheets and literature. This would makelighting-facts-partner_3aa appraisal simpler and far more rational than expected them to dig through the pile of data that is often organized to atisfy an internal engineering and marketing team, that leaves even the most informed specifiers scratching their heads.

Get thee to the web site, and take the pledge!

Lumenique is now a lighting facts LED Product Partner.

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