GE and Philips Focus on LEDs

Posted: December 2, 2008 in General SSL Commentary
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The following two quotes say more than I can (gathered from recent news releases and related blogs).

From Philips:

“We are not spending one dollar on research and development for compact fluorescents,” said Kaj den Daas, chairman and chief executive of Philips Lighting. Instead, the bulk of its R.& D. budget, which is 5.2 percent of the company’s global lighting revenue, is for L.E.D. research.

From General Electric:

GE spokesman David Schuellerman replied that “GE Consumer & Industrial and GE Global Research have suspended the development of the high-efficiency incandescent lamp (HEI) to place greater focus and investment on what we believe will be the ultimate in energy efficient lighting — light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs).”

For anyone in the lighting and energy industry, that is less than 125 years old, what is happening today in the deployment and development of solid-state lighting is nothing less than monumental. While LEDs have been around for some time, 2008 will be looked upon as the year that the earth moved. For manufacturers of conventional lamps to make this change is an important epiphany.

Lighting from combustion of fuels ended with the turn of the 20th century, when candles, oil and gas lamps become novelties, as the electric lamp stormed into homes, factories, and streets. We are at the precipice of an equally important and no less dramatic trasnformation. Incandescent lighting will soon go the way of the candle and oil lamp, repalced by solid-state more readily than is now imagined. As the technology improves, the compact fluorescent will be replaced, and not much further behind, the venrable linear fluorescent, as new product designs deliver the advantages of SSL to replace these conventional sources.

  1. Kevin Runion says:

    I agree with your position regarding the LED industry. As a newcomer to the fray, I am sometimes amazed by what is proposed as reality. I can say that we are trying to get the word out to people as we do not want to see a repeat of the CFL launch.

    At the end of the day, the consumer will vote with their wallet…. All we can do is provide them with education and a cost that does not shock their senses. To the average consumer out there… have hope there are a few companies such as ours that are trying to do it right.

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