GE Undercabinet LED Strip

Posted: November 30, 2008 in Reviewed - Fair Performers
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This is an under-cabinet light offered through retail outlets, manufactured by GE Lighting. The 16″ product consumes 2 watts, consistent with manufacturer claims. 

Available in either 10″ or 16″ lengths, the low profile, attached cord and plug, with integral rocker switch make these very easy to install and use. In the test application, the screws provided were substituted with Velcro strips.

The product light output is adequate only for low light conditions. While no claims are made by the manufacturer as to actual lumen output, based on actual performance, each LED (3 for the 16″ and 2 for the 10″) appear to produce no more than 40 lumens each, putting these products at the bottom of the modern LED performance scale. This product should only be applied where ambient light from other sources is significant (over 20 Footcandles), or as a nightlight for use when other sources are turned off.

The light color produced is a cool 5,000k, which creates a bluish white tint in residential use when surrounded by warm LEDs or incandescent sources. This is undesirable, and does not reflect the performance of modern LED products well.

While the price of this product is attractive, the performance is not what one might expect from a brand name such as GE, and a disappointment overall. The company is capable of more than this.

Recommendation rating = 4 of 10 Only usable in low light application where light color is not a critical factor. Makes a nice under-cabinet nightlight. Not recommended for commercial spaces due to low light output.

Actual product Performance against manufacturer claims = n/a. Virtually no data provided by the manufacturer on this product.

One would expect more from GE, even for a product targeted at the consumer retail market (samples were purchased at Walmart.) While better than low end products using 5mm LEDs, these otherwise attractive strips are unimpressive. We use them as night-lights and nothing more.

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